Harness Builder Kit

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Wire like a pro with our Harness Builder Kit. This kit includes everything you need to get started wiring your main harness from scratch while saving you time and money searching for the right products. This kit uses all of the products we use on our builds. We wanted to make this kit as universal as possible so it can work on a wide range of makes and models. This kit is more suited for a M-Unit wiring set up; however, wiring to stock electrical components shouldn't be an issue. This kit does not include the main fuse or a battery to frame ground terminal due to the variable sizes from bike to bike.

Harness Builder Kit:

- 8ft (10) Color High Temp 16 AWG Wire.

- 5ft Woven Split Loom

- 2ft 6 AWG Red Battery/Starter Cable (SuperFlex)

- 2ft 6 AWG Black Battery/Starter Cable (SuperFlex)

- (4) 6 AWG 1/4" Battery Terminals

- (10) Bullet Connectors (Male/Female + Insulators)

- (10) 16 AWG Ferrules

- Battery Terminal Heat Shrink

- (6) Zip Ties

- Wire Labels



- This kit is a huge time saver and a quick way to get all the materials to wire professionally in one shot.

Is all wire created equally?

- No. The wire provided in this kit is specifically designed to withstand higher temperatures and has a higher abrasion resistance than your typical run of the mill hardware store wire.

The Loom?

- 3/4" Woven Split Loom offers an excellent solution for wrapping your wires up nicely. This stuff is a game-changer when it comes to a professional install. It has a high heat resistance and is extremely tough. Not to mention if you have an issue with the wiring, simply open the loom up for service in the problem spot without ripping your whole harness apart. This is what is used on almost every professional build where wiring is not run through the frame. Once you go woven split loom, you won't go back.

Why Bullet Connectors?

- Space. While bullet connectors can sometimes be a pain in the ass, they offer space savings and, if done correctly, make a great connection in spaces under the tank/headlight bucket or tight places.

What's up with the battery cables?

- The cable we use is a super flex 6 AWG and comes from the welding industry. This stuff is tough and offers impressive flexibility when it comes to running a custom battery cable set up. We have included 2ft of each color Black and Red. Most of the time, you use much less than 2ft to make a connection. These can be used to extend your starter motor cable as well. Great stuff!

What tools are needed?

- There are a couple of tools that are an absolute must when it comes to wiring professionally. A quick google search for the following tools, and you're ready to go. They are relatively cheap, and every person who builds their bike should have these.

- Adjustable Wire Stripper

- Bullet Connector Crimper

- Ferrule Crimper

Can I do it?

- Yes, take your time and draw out a simple wiring diagram. Make it clear and concise. There are tons of resources on the internet that are bike specific (most of the time). Run the wire through the bike, making sure that you have the correct length before cutting. Measure twice, cut once. Make sure your crimps are perfect. Do not overlook them. Saving you the headache of going back and redoing it. If you need help, please send me an email kyle@thirteenandcompany.com, and I will do my best to help.