1975 Honda CB550

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  • $ 10,000.00


Approaching the project, we wanted to build a motorcycle that displayed simplicity, and elegance, without compromising performance and attitude, as well as maintaining a budget. We were aware the multitude of transformations the Honda CB550's are capable of, so it was a no-brainer for us to choose that as our base.
The bikes initial state was terrible. It was as if it spent it's last dreadful years laid to rest at the bottom of Loch Ness hanging with Nessy, then accidentally recovered from the local State Troopers attempting to solve a murder case, only to be foolishly adopted from an overly ambitious bystander, where it was then transported to their overgrown, neglected backyard to sit untouched for another 20 years.
By the time we found our way to the bike, apparently it had managed to find its way into a couple of old-soiled wooden crates, still wrapped up in the very rust cratered chain that pulled it from its murky depths. We knew we were getting ourselves in some serious sludge.
Like most CB550 builds, we rid anything unnecessary to sculpt down to the bikes naked state, allowing revealence of its true character and form. From here, we sanded for weeks until every part eligible of polishing could be achieved. Stylistically, we knew we needed a color to compliment and differentiate the polished features throughout the bike, so that left us with the black wheels, triple trees, cylinder, and front brake disk being the only items powder coated/painted, besides the light grey engine enamel. The frame was cut, sanded, polished, and hand painted with a special 2 part clear uv-resistant coating that adheres to polished surfaces with a rock hard finish. The seat was made in-house from slightly aged Italian Leather for character.
In the performance department we decided to utilize a 592cc big bore kit. It allowed us to gain more power without losing reliability. On top of the cylinders lays a race worthy port and polished head giving this bike the snappy throttle response and smooth power delivery making it extremely fun to rip a round town. The exhaust was custom made by the hands of Carpe in Anaheim, CA.  These exhaust's are nothing less then perfection. The sound they produce will make even the oldest grumpy die hard biker dude at your local cycle swap smile. 
We machine our own internal suspension components to lower the stance three inches with out losing performance and stability. The bike sits on new Firestone Vintage Deluxe tires, 4.00 x 19 in the front and 4.00 x 18 in the rear and yes we are aware that everyone hates on them but in all reality we won't be corning this bike at 120 MPH up Mulholland Canyon anytime soon.  
This bike was built out of a passion for motorcycles and their endless possibilities. Ultimately, we are left with a bike that reveals it's true nature, which can be appreciated from a wide range of audiences to enjoy, interpret, and ride. It can be yours! For purchasing inquires please contact Kyle@thirteenandcompany.com